Commitment to Cares, Why to commit to care?

We are a group of intersectional trans* feminists coming together in the context of Collective Conditions, a worksession organised by Constant, in Brussels the winter of 2019. We gathered around the notion of cares to further understand our relationship to cares in our shifting contexts. We are concerned with the urgency of this moment because we have noticed that many in positions of power are doing little to enact cares. As for us, we are in positions where we can enact contextualized cares and we want to revive our commitment towards cares as critical practices. We need to talk about cares, not because they don't exist, but because cares are not distributed equally, and because to 'take care' can have multiple meanings depending on positions of privilege, context and who and what we're dealing with. This manifesto is a demand towards those subjects within institutional frameworks to reflect on their relationship towards the giving, taking, receiving cares, to question well worn patterns of cares, and how they can be re-inscribed. This manifesto reaches out to people who haven't thought about the social economical racial gendered implications of cares, and is also for the people who wish to reinvigorate their cares patterns.

Caring requires

The state of cares

Caring is:

Caring is not a tool.
Cares cannot be instrumentalised.
Cares cannot be generalized.
Cares cannot be constricted by normativity.
Caring cannot be conditional.
Cares are antimanifesto.

Outlook of cares

If things stay this way.…

Envisioning Cares

Challenging the current trajectory of cares, we demand now a future in which .…

Crafts of Cares

Possible practices:

*About deep listening: https://www.csh.umn.edu/education/focus-areas/whole-systems-healing/leadership/deep-listening